Contact details

Contacting me is very easy. You can do it either by sending an email directly to my email address, that I listed down below or you can alternatively use the contact form that I have setup on this page. I’m fine with either one, just as long as you don’t spam me. This is an email address that I’ve setup specifically for this website, it’s not my private email, but still I wouldn’t want to see a bunch of unsolicited offers coming to my mailbox.

Send me photos of castles that you’ve visited, send me corrections if you see that I wrote something wrong, or you can send me suggestions on castles and chateaus that I should visit. I’m fine with either one of those reasons to contact me. I’ve always loved talking to people, and I’d love nothing more than to get in touch with other like minded people who love history, and all that it represents. Join me on my quest of discovering new and interesting castles. Send your feedback and we’ll enjoy history together.