My favorite English castles – Leeds Castle

In an effort not to anger my fellow Englishman I thought it would be a good idea for me to talk about an English castle for a change. I picked one that I enjoy visiting from time to time, the Leeds Castle, which is located in Kent, southeast of Maidstone. Castle was named after a small village called Leeds, that’s located nearby. Keep in mind that this is the Leeds village, not the city. There’s a difference.

English castles that I like – Leeds Castle

Those of you who are working in London, especially in the City, are probably aware how smothering the urban life can be. That’s why I like visiting the Leeds Castle. It is located relatively close to London, I don’t have to travel far to visit it, and it’s in the countryside, so I get to unwind and relax after a hard week at my job.

Castle itself is a beauty. There was a castle built on this place going back as far as 11th century. Castle that we have the pleasure enjoying today was rebuilt in Tudor style and completed in 1823. I mean, it’s a castle built on an island, on a small lake. What more could you ask for. Make sure to visit it and enjoy in its beauty. Take a look at this aerial shot of the castle above. If you are around Leeds, the village, not the city, make sure to visit it.